High-Quality Cardboard Pavement Stencils

Refresh Parking Lots Quick & Easy With Handicap Symbols and Parking Lot Wording To:

    • Improve the exterior look of your business
    • Keep residents & customers safe with clearly marked parking lots
    • Add a side-hustle to your commercial services

Just Need to Refresh a Few Parking Spaces?

What Options Do You Have?

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  • Expensive to hire contractors
  • Expensive to buy plastic stencils for a few spaces
  • Poor Quality paper stencils
  • Too Much Effort to make your own stencils

Is there a better option?

A Better, Less Expensive Solution.

High-Quality Cardboard Pavement Stencils

  • More affordable than plastic stencils
  • Better quality than paper stencils
  • Don’t waste time making your own stencils
  • Quick & Easy
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Having clear, easy-to-read parking lot markings is important to keep customers and residents safe. High quality cardboard pavement stencils are perfect for painting ADA compliant handicap symbols and various traffic directional words onto parking lots.

Available Stencils include:

  • ‘Handicap’ (ADA) Symbols
  • ‘No Parking’
  • ‘Fire Lane’
  • ‘Visitor’
  • ‘Reserved’
  • ‘Pick Up’
  • Do you need a custom stencil? We can do additional sizes, wording, logos, etc.

Want To See How Easy It Is?

[VIDEO]: Cardboard  Pavement Stencil Tutorial

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Watch the video for a quick tutorial on how easy they are to use. Our cardboard stencils are simple to use, lay flat, provide clean, precise lines, have a professional look, and are durable enough for multiple uses.

[VIDEO]: 1-Minute Cardboard Stencil Tutorial 

Why Choose Cardboard Over Plastic?

Benefits of Our Cardboard Pavement Stencils

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Affordable — For less than the price of most handicap symbols alone, we give you a stencil for the border and background. This will enable you to meet any property’s needs.

Lays Flat — Cardboard lays flat upon arrival and will conform to the surface of the parking lot. It may take days for plastic stencils to flatten out. They don’t always conform to the surface of the parking lot.

No Warping or Cracking — Cardboard does not warp in the sun like plastic can.

No Break in the Paint Line — Our stencils are uniquely designed with a “bridge” or “flap” that provides strength to the stencil but allows for a solid paint line with no breaks.

Discard when finished — Cardboard stencils can be used from 5-10 times, then thrown out when done. No need to clean and store stencils that take up valuable space in a maintenance area.

Environmentally Friendly — Made from E-Flute #200 recycled cardboard that has the look and feel of “pizza box” cardboard.

Shipping — The cardboard stencil comes folded and shipped in a flat box. Shipped with upside-down spray paint in black, white, yellow, red or blue if desired.

Easy to Use — Installation can be done quick & easy.